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Our decades of experience at SEA TO SKY LAW has convinced us that meditation should be tried in most cases , in any kind of dispute whether family or estate or business ETC, because almost always mediation can help narrow the issues in dispute if not settle the whole dispute.

Mediation is a process where an independent professional helps the parties, and their lawyers, find an agreement on the facts and solutions which are not disputed, and clarify if not resolve the issues still needing help.

Mediation can appear tougher since you must be involved in the decision making process with the other party but mediation can be quicker and cheaper than the lengthy and expensive trial process.

Here is a link to a diagram provided by LSS to explain the mediation option: 

Having the right lawyer can be critical to a successful mediation because your lawyer has to understand and believe in the mediation process which is different than your traditional court process.  We at SEA TO SKY LAW have decades of experience successfully encouraging and supporting our clients to achieve a settlement using mediation, as well as the court process if required.

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