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Has decades of education and experience helping their thousands of clients achieve success. We can help you solve disputes whether personal or business, anywhere in the Metro from multiple locations.

Convenient to all of Metro Vancouver

From Whiterock to Whistler and Beyond.

We serve all of 21 communities of Metro Vancouver with multiple meeting locations and a Head Office in the centre.

We can help with decades of successful experience using trusted legal solutions!


  • I could always depend on Andrew

    Andrew Liggett is a very confident person, and luckily for me, someone in whom I decided to put my complete trust, during many years of difficult court cases. Andrew was there to pull us out of the ashes and set us in the right direction when our family was destroyed overnight and I had to deal w... Read On

  • The client was very pleased with the information and advice

    With decreasing dollars for legal-aid, clients of Tri-City Transitions Society were increasingly experiencing challenges as they self-represented themselves in Family and Civil court matters. This presented an opportunity for Tri-City Transitions to seek out a law firm that was open to collaborat... Read On

  • I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew

    Andrew is an astute advisor in the field of family law. He's the voice of calm, rationality, and hope in a time of despair. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone seeking professional family law advice. Andrew is an astute advisor in the field of family law. He's the voice ... Read On


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