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Experienced Family Lawyer in British Columbia

Having legal issues within the family can be an emotional and stressful experience. Sometimes going through the legal process while dealing with stress can be overwhelming. We can give you the family lawyer you need to guide and represent you. Sea to Sky Law offers legal services and support to clients across all of BC including New Westminster, Nanaimo, Coquitlam, and Sapperton. Whether you need assistance navigating a complicated family dispute or need help with child custody or adoption-related matters, we can provide objective guidance and representation.

When dealing with family-related legal issues, you need a lawyer that can guide and educate you about the aspects of your specific case. Every case is different and requires an approach that is right for your individual situation. We prefer that family issues are resolved through mediation and solutions are found outside of court; however, if necessary, we will go to court for you and represent your interests. Contact us for any assistance you require in the area of family law. 

Dedicated Family Law Services

It is preferred when legal disputes with family members cause as little stress and turmoil as possible. With Sea to Sky Law, you get an experienced lawyer who will represent your interests in matters including: 

  • Adoption If you are looking to adopt a child, there could be some legal aspects to the process which tend to vary depending on one’s personal situation. A good family lawyer can help guide you.

  • Guardianship In some cases, the legal guardianship of a child is determined by a court order. In such cases, we are here to help you with the process.

  • Separation If you and your spouse have decided to get legally separated, decisions need to be made about your living situation, children and other factors for which a family lawyer can be of help.

  • Divorce Divorce proceedings can be tricky. You need a good lawyer who can represent your best interests during the complicated process. We also practice collaborative divorce, where most issues are resolved outside of court through the help of divorce coaches and other professionals.

  • Child custody During a separation or divorce, one of the main issues is the fate of your children. Child custody is a complex affair to navigate, but our experienced family lawyer can represent you and guide you through it.

  • Emergency cases Emergency cases include issues like domestic violence and child abuse. These issues need to be addressed immediately in order to ensure the safety of all the individuals involved.

  • Agreements Certain types of agreements, such as a separation or cohabitation agreement, can be explored when there are relationship problems or if partners are deciding to move in together and need objective legal counsel to help with the process. We can assist with any agreements you may need.

  • Mediation When It comes to family disputes, especially when children are involved, we prefer that matters be settled through mediation. We wish to focus on parenting agreements instead of long-drawn court battles that can negatively affect your children’s well-being.

  • Asset division We can help with the process of asset division amongst family members. The key in this situation is to be objective and approach these matters with care so that assets can be fairly divided and amicably accepted.

Our Divorce Lawyer Provides Sound Legal Representation

Divorce can be an unpleasant process and is often more complex to navigate than one expects. Sea to Sky Law can help you with your divorce proceedings and paperwork in British Columbia and surrounding areas. A good divorce lawyer approaches each case according to the client's specific situation and then assesses what is best for your interests. We can help ease the stress brought on by the divorce process by offering advice based on years of experience.

Sea to Sky Law will handle all the aspects of your divorce process including the paperwork so that you can remain stress-free and focus on other things. We serve clients all across BC, including Squamish, Gibsons, Sechelt, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Saanich and surrounding areas. Reach out to us, and we will try to make the divorce process as smooth as possible. 

Our Divorce Process

During the divorce process, your lawyer will work on all aspects while focusing on securing your belongings and possessions that are most important to you. From paperwork to pre-trial and trial management, we will be with you every step of the way. Here are some of the common steps our lawyer will follow when assisting you with your divorce:

  • Initial consultation Our lawyer will get updated on all aspects of your case by reviewing documents and other materials.

  • Notice of Family Claim filing The lawyer will file this document containing the reason for divorce and other basic information necessary to file a divorce.

  • Service of process We serve papers to the divorcee to legalize your divorce.

  • Response to the opposing party We manage the response in case the opposing party files a Counterclaim or Response to Family Claim if the divorce is contested.

  • Amicable settlement and negotiation Our lawyer handles conferences, negotiations and settlements in the hopes of settling the matter out of court.

  • Pre-trial preparation We will set up a meeting to make sure your case is properly represented during the trial.

  • Trial and representation We will present your case in front of a judge who will give a final decision after hearing all evidence and arguments.

Seek Help from Our Child Support Lawyer

In any type of legal situation involving your spouse, if there are children involved, their interests and well-being are to be considered paramount. The law requires parents to provide support for their children even if legal circumstances do not allow a parent to physically be able to care for their child. Sometimes a parent can refuse to or fail to pay child support. Sea to Sky Law provides you with the expertise needed to legally handle these issues in British Columbia. Your child support lawyer will help you recover funds or take legal action to solve the matter.

Having both parents’ support is critical for a child's well-being, and child support is a good way for children to benefit from both parents, just as if they did not have legal limitations. Divorces are not always as smooth as you’d expect them to be, and facing child support issues as a result of this can be stressful and taxing. We are here to provide calm and objective support during these circumstances. Contact us today, and our lawyer can help you navigate your child support issues and minimize inconvenience.

Guidelines for Child Support in British Columbia

We follow the Federal Child Support Guidelines in Canada. These guidelines determine how much child support is to be paid by keeping certain things into consideration, including income and the number of children that need support. However, apart from paying basic child support, parents need to incur certain special expenses that help cover specific costs of raising children. Your lawyer can manage the legal aspects of who needs to provide these special expenses, some of which include:

  • Expenses for extracurricular activities in which the child performs well.

  • Post-secondary education and tutoring expenses.

  • Health-related expenses for the child.

  • Dental and medical insurance premiums for the child.

We Handle Property Division After Divorce or Separation

Dividing assets post your separation or divorce can be a tedious and complicated affair as property division laws are often difficult to navigate. This is compounded when individuals have a large number of assets. Sea to Sky Law can help you through the legal process through our negotiation and mediation services. If you need to divide family property and assets in British Columbia and surrounding areas then we can help resolve your concerns while protecting your rights and property. 

Please note that there are time limits involved for making a claim to divide assets. Married couples need to apply for property division within two years after getting the divorce order, while adults in a common-law relationship need to apply within two years from the date of separation. The Family Law Act in BC ensures that married couples who separate or get divorced leave the relationship on an equal footing with regards to assets and family property. Contact us for our services if you are located in Metro Vancouver.

Some Aspects of Property Division

When you are going through the process of dividing assets and family property, there are a few legal aspects you need to be aware of. There are two types of property that need to be divided. These are categorized as follows:

Family Property

All assets and property that you or your partner owned on the date of divorce or separation are categorized as family property. These will be divided equally unless there is any prior agreement or ruling from a judge. Divorced and separated couples must divide all the financial obligations of either partner that have been acquired during the relationship, including family debt, loans, credit card debt, mortgages and income tax. This is regardless of if the debt is in the name of only one spouse. Some examples of assets include:

  • Cars

  • Houses

  • Insurance policies

  • Businesses

  • Pension

Excluded Property

Excluded property does not need to be divided equally. This type of property includes assets that each individual owned before the relationship. Property owned by your partner before your relationship or any inheritances given during the relationship also falls under the excluded category. However, it is important to note that if the value of any excluded property is increased during the relationship, then that increased value is considered family property and will be divided equally. 

Unequal Property Division

The court can use its judicial powers to unequally divide assets if it feels it would be ‘significantly unfair’ to one of the parties if they are divided equally. Additionally, parties can choose to divide their assets unequally by making a property division agreement. Some of the factors the court takes into consideration when deciding how to divide property include:

  • Any pre-existing agreements before marriage

  • Actions taken to increase or decrease the value of family property after separation

  • Each party’s ability to pay off their share of the debt

  • The length of the relationship

  • A partner’s contribution to the career of their spouse

Sea to Sky Law can help you protect your property and assets while providing objective and sound legal advice. You can benefit from our services across BC, including Metro Vancouver and from Whistler to Whiterock.

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