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I could always depend on Andrew

“Andrew Liggett is a very confident person, and luckily for me, someone in whom I decided to put my complete trust, during many years of difficult court cases. Andrew was there to pull us out of the ashes and set us in the right direction when our family was destroyed overnight and I had to deal with requests to have my daughter move away outside of Canada.

Andrew's personal experience and extensive knowledge of case law allowed him to assure me that everything would be OK. I always followed his advice, and every time he was exactly right about the process we needed and the outcomes. He also helped me improve my parenting skills, helping me to recognize red flag situations that came up and deal with them tactfully. I could always depend on Andrew to be a solid advisor and protector of the best interests of my daughter. Not once was I let down as he weathered many extended court cases with confidence, ease and a positive attitude. I was very fortunate to have always had access to Andrew´s legal services when my family desperately needed help.

I'll never forget how he changed the course of our lives for the better.  A family is too important to take chances with;  if you can get Andrew on your legal team you and your children will never regret it. Best of luck, Andrew. Thank you for everything.”